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The Environmental Research Institute in North Highland College are the Scottish GREBE partner.  They are situated in Thurso, on the shores of the dynamic waters of the Pentland Firth.  The main aim of the ERI is to address contemporary environmental issues and advance understanding of the sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources.

We aspire to excellence in all that we do and to provide dynamic leadership and education. The ERI has successfully exploited its geographic advantage to play a dynamic and leading role in the development of research and educational provision in support of the renewable energy sector and in particular the emergent marine energy sector.

ERI wishes to leave a legacy of open source research and development to improve lives and socio economics of the Highlands and Islands. This will give the project a strong regional presence in the renewable energy sector.  This expertise identified will allow ERI to effectively lead Work Package 5 and undertake a substantial amount of the work in WP2.


Dr. Neil James
Dr. Neil James

Email: Neil.James@uhi.ac.uk
For more information on the Environmental Research Institute at http://www.eri.ac.uk/