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Finnish GREBE partner Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) provides higher education for the needs of changing national and regional industry, commerce and other working life. Karelia UAS also develops and offers research and development services and enhances regional development, especially in North Karelia and Eastern Finland. The strategic focus areas of Karelia UAS include sustainable energy and materials, and modern welfare services.

The GREBE project includes business development activities of renewable energy and energy efficiency in northern peripheral context. In GREBE, Karelia UAS has the lead of work package 6 “Business Models and Business Development Support” and activities especially for developing business growth strategies for SMEs and start-ups and improving the market access of renewable energy and energy storage technologies.

A business growth survey is launched in April 2016 in order to analyse the opportunities of RE business growth, and to identify the current business support needs. At the end, this will result in Growth Strategy Guideline for the use of business enterprises in the sector. The RE business growth and start-ups will also be supported through the developed GREBE service, Entrepreneurship Enabler Scheme (EES). It is expected to provide international and innovative mentoring support for the RE and energy storage industries.


Dr. Lasse Okkonen
Dr. Lasse Okkonen
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