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The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a Finnish GREBE partner and leads the work package 7 on “Knowledge & Technology Transfer and Business Delivery”.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland is a research and expert organisation that works to advance the bioeconomy and the sustainable use of natural resources. Researchers and specialists working in Luke provide new solutions towards the sustainable development of the Finnish bioeconomy and the promotion of new biobased businesses. Together with partners Luke will build a society based on bioeconomy. Sustainable use of natural resources calls for advances in know-how and new business models – as well as close collaboration. Luke brings together experts in natural resources and sustainable food production.

The region of North Karelia in Eastern Finland is known for its vast forest resources and fairly harsh climate conditions. The use of chopped firewood, pellets or wood chips is very common in the rural parts of Finland. Larger scale combined-heat-and-power (CHP) plants cover the heating of large cities through district heating systems. In 2014, 66 % of the total energy consumed in North Karelia was produced with renewable energy, the share of wood energy from the total energy use of the region was 51 %. The renewable energy sector creates approximately 1350 person-years of employment regionally and generates annual revenue of around 160 million euros (Regional Council of North Karelia).

The GREBE project includes knowledge & technology transfer and business delivery activities of forest energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency aspects in the northern periphery area. In GREBE, Luke  is working especially on activities for knowledge and technology transfer such as developing a “Online training and networking platform”, establishing a “Proof of RE-Concept for technology transfer” and creating a virtual space where micro-businesses from different regions across the NPA area can share technology ideas in the form of a “Virtual Energy ideas Hub”.


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Robert Prinz
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Associated Partner in Finland are:
AvainEnergia Ltd
Pielinen Karelia Development Center Ltd.