Project Deliverables 2017-05-19T09:55:06+00:00

By delivering practical support measures tailored specifically to the needs of SMEs and start-ups in the RE sector, the GREBE project will directly contribute to more robust and dynamic NPA communities.  Knowledge transfer, innovation and learning, highlighted as key elements of successful transnational cooperation, are inherent to GREBE and will play a major role in developing products and services that respond to market needs and can be replicated throughout the NPA.

A transnational clustering of RE firms in NPA regions is possible where similar SMEs and start-ups are encouraged to engage with each other, to share experiences and knowledge and to build innovative support networks to help achieve their business aims. Key to this is the identification of new business opportunities that arise when appropriate technologies are available to sustainably exploit local renewable energy resources for economic and environmental benefit. GREBE project products and services will contribute to the changes sought by the Programme in the following ways:

  • Funding option decision support tool
  • Database of RE business and technology solutions, for overcoming environmental challenges of NPA regions
  • A suite of videos promoting RE technologies and case study examples
  • Renewable Energy Resource Assessment Toolkit
  • Entrepreneurship Enabler Model and Scheme, rolled out across NPA regions. Scheme will provide practical business support services to address local RE market need and regional challenges.
  • Online training and networking platform for SMEs and Start-ups
  • Virtual Energy Ideas Hub – assist partnership building transnationally between producers, technology providers and entrepreneurs