Project Activities 2017-05-19T09:55:06+00:00

The GREBE project work packages and activities have been carefully formulated to deliver robust and viable outcomes, products and services that will equip start-ups and existing SMEs with the confidence, knowledge and expertise to drive forward and grow their business.

GREBE will first establish an understanding of the possibilities and constraints of the existing policy framework for businesses in the renewable energy sector, and explore both the technologies currently available to support the RE sector and existing technologies that could be adapted for renewable energy purposes.

Careful consideration will be afforded to physical and climatic challenges of the NPA region, including the harsh conditions of the arctic region, and how policy and technology conditions can be adapted to turn these challenges into opportunities for economic growth and development. The physical conditions and climate of the NPA region are well recognised for their potential to support more intensive renewable energy activity.

GREBE will provide improved models of business supports and methods to aid the development of small RE businesses.  The Entrepreneur Enabler Scheme will provide mentoring support to 45 renewable energy SMEs throughout the six partner regions to assist them to develop and grow their business.

Transnational learning opportunities, knowledge exchange and networking via the Online Training & Networking Platform and Virtual Ideas Energy Hub will give renewable energy entrepreneurs the opportunity to exchange with others in the sector across the NPA region, and the option to learn best practices from other regions.