Knowledge & Technology Transfer 2017-05-19T09:55:05+00:00

This work package, led by the LUKE, has four key objectives, as follows:

  • Enables better capturing of place-based opportunities related to energy resources. It will seek to add-value to technologies by supporting their development path from demonstrations/pilots toward tried and tested (proven) solutions;
  • Facilitate transnational effective knowledge transfer and collaboration in the RE business sector;
  • Promote knowledge sharing and information exchange between actors in renewable energy supply and demand;
  • Coordinate the widespread promotion of GREBE products and services and encourage their take up by local SMEs and micro-enterprises in the NPA region (in collaboration with WP2).

As part of this work package, three main activities will take place.

Activity 1: Development of an online training and networking platform.  This activity will focus on designing an online training and networking portal which will allow for flexible and easy access to training material and technology transfer information.   Building on existing knowledge, tools and infrastructure, this activity will establish a common structure to form links between existing training & education facilities and partnerships in the NPA area.    By using networks of Universities, SME’s and Municipalities, the aim of this activity is to provide a portal enabling training and technology transfer across the NPA area.

Activity 2: Proof of RE-Concept for technology transfer.  In order to successfully introduce new and innovative solutions developed and proven under different operational environments into a new market & business environment, RE Technologies must be tried and tested before they are ready to launch to new markets.  The activity develops ‘the proof of concept’ guidelines supporting enterprises in introducing new to market energy solutions and  builds on the knowledge of operational environments, technologies and business models gathered in other work packages and utilises it for technology transfer processes.  Proven, promising and innovative concepts will be tested during the project within a new operational environment. The project will deliver and carefully test the technology transfer into the new market area.

Activity 3:  Developing a Virtual Energy Ideas Hub which will disseminate technology transfer and new business concepts across the NPA region utilising knowledge and outputs developed within the project.  Communication is a key within the Virtual Energy ideas Hub connecting various actors during the development and implementation of new business, knowledge and technologies.