Project Management & Industry Advisory Groups 2017-05-19T09:54:59+00:00

The WDC is lead partner of the overall project and is responsible for:

  • finance management and processing of claims
  • governance (in respect to steering and operations committee meetings scheduling and administration)
  • archiving
  • communications and public relations
  • general administration

As lead partner the Western Development Commission is responsible for the overall project and financial management, together with the required communications strategy. The activities include the project management, financial management, monitoring, communication, dissemination and evaluation of the project. It will ensure that appropriate financial, monitoring and communication structures are in place.

A key goal of GREBE is to communicate the results of the project to a wide audience across the NPA region and beyond, encourage adoption of the GREBE products and services developed and raise the industry potential in rural parts of the NPA region. Results and impacts of the project will be presented and disseminated in national and international seminars, regional meetings, through different media and communication channels according to the joint communication plan. Members of local and energy national networks associated with the project will be kept regularly informed about project implementation and results and access to associate partner expertise will add significant value to the project.

Industry Advisory Groups

Industry Advisory Groups (IAG) have been established as a representative community of users in each partner region with a triple helix approach to membership from support agencies, renewable energy enterprises and educational institutions

An IAG meeting is held every year of the project in each region to provide input and advice on industry need and viable solutions to meeting that need.  Transfer of knowledge and sharing learning from GREBE and other initiatives and programmes. IAG members will serve to influence policy for the renewable energy sector at a regional and national level in each partner country.